Mr. Mussi (Moshe) Goldberg is a native of Israel, a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Law, a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1974, and a member of the New York Bar Association since 1987.

Mr. Goldberg's specific fields of expertise include international trade law, international joint ventures, governmental acquisition laws, intellectual property law, environmental protection law, and corporate law, including hi-tech and bio-tech corporations.

As an expert in international trade law both as a coordinator on behalf of the Chairman of the Israel Bar Association and a consultant for the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Mr. Goldberg has taken part in several projects during the course of his career that left their mark on Israel's foreign trade. Mr. Goldberg was involved in the negotiations between Israel and the United States that led to the United States-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement. As a consultant for the Canadian Embassy in Israel, Mr. Goldberg also participated in the final negotiations regarding the drafting of the free trade agreement between Israel and Canada. Mr. Goldberg has published a number of articles on the subject of the United States-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement, both in Israel and in the United States, and took part as a lecturer in seminars organized in the United States by the Israeli and United States governments on this subject. During the course of his career, Mr. Goldberg served as a foreign attorney and consultant at the Washington, D.C. law firm Arnold & Porter and as a member of the team of lecturers at the International Law Institute, associated with Georgetown University, for an international course on International Trade and Export Negotiations.

Mr. Goldberg has published extensively in his fields of expertise including:

  • Three chapters in the Laws of International Trade (Business Law Inc.): "A joint US-Israeli venture"; "Israeli's Trade Remedies Regime"; and "Importing into Israel".
  • A chapter in The FTA Directory (1986) published by the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Israeli chapter in International Joint Ventures (Federal Publications, Inc., 1986).
  • Co-authorship of the Israeli chapter in Enforcement of Money Judgments Abroad (Matthew Bender, 1988).
  • Co-authorship, with Professors Z. Hirsh and D. Sassoon, in an article entitled "An Analysis of the American-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement" published in The World Economy (1988, London).
  • Co-editing of a text published in the USA entitled The US-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (1989).
In 1998, after the firm relocated to its new offices at the Rabin Science Park in Rehovot, Mr. Goldberg - along with the Weizmann Institute of Science - founded the "Forum for Hi-tech and Biotech Companies at the Rabin/Weizmann Park." The forum's objectives are to generate interaction between the hi-tech and biotech industries at the Rabin/Weizmann Park and the academia at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Jerusalem, which are both adjacent to the Park with the aim of promoting internal cooperative business ventures among those involved in hi-tech and biotech at the Park. Mr. Goldberg has been serving as the Forum's chairman since its inception.

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